Oh! My Mama

So today I'm leaving my mothers. I'm not completely leaving, as some of my things will still be here, but I shall be coming to visit my Mum's from Bristol, rather than visiting Bristol from my Mum's. I feel sad about this. Because for as long as I enjoyed living by myself away from my parents, I have really really enjoyed and valued the time I have spent this summer here. It's been nice to have someone to talk to about lots of things, support and lots of help and love. It's also nice to see my Mum getting excited about the baby, when we go shopping and things like that. It has just been nice to have a mother around, and to be the child for a while, before I become the mother. Strange.

I'm glad my Mum was able to come to the hospital with me, and see the scan too. Hopefully she will be able to be there for the birth, as I think I will need her.


I have been rather a grump though the last few days. The horrible grumps where you know you are being horrid, but can't stop it. I feel bad because I probably haven't spent as much time with my mum as I should have done. But we had a nice day on Tuesday. We went to London to go to see the Sally Mann exhibition at the photographers gallery. Which, as she is one of my favourite photographers, and one who I have studied a lot, and based many essays and my dissertation around themes of her work, it was really important to me. Also being able to see her prints in real life was something quite lovely, as they are, well, lovely.

We were going to go to some other galleries, but got distracted by shops on Oxford street, where I had to get clothes for work (tomorrow eek!). We also accidentally wondered into John Lewis baby section (I swear they have magnets?) and I fell for some baby grows. I bought a pack of the bug baby suits I showed you a few posts earlier, and a pack with the balloons on. Very exciting. It's like when you get something to wear for a special occasion that it ages away, and you can't wait to wear it, well it's like that, except I can't wait to dress my baby in them!


So not much else has been happening than that. I have been feeling really bored recently, and getting grumpy because of that. I know I'm just being lazy, but I feel un-motivated. I hate that feeling. I only realise that I need to be doing something practical or creative when I'm not doing it, but I always get surprised for my need to be creative. I need a knitting project, I think I'll knit a scarf, but a wrap scarf.


Wowzers, so it's happening I'm actually moving. I'm going to be with Rob everyday. Which will be nice. Every time I see him I get used to him being around, then suddenly he's not, and I miss it, and him.


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