I change my mind, I'm horribly broody today, probably due to the fact that there were so many sweet babies in the shop today, and they were mainly boys. They were all at the stage, around six months I think, when their faces start to get really expressive and smiley.

It made me really want to have mine and to meet him.

I spoke to Rob about being scared about having the baby. I don't know why I suddenly got scared, I think it was because I have just been exposed so quickly to lots of babies and children, and got scared about the responsibility. But I know its not going to be as hard as I am scaring myself into, and there will be some points, not all the time, where I will have time to myself.

That's all for now!

p.s there was one baby boy today called Ernest, and he was starting to get his mum's hair colour, which was a really deep red. He was really sweet and the parents were really nice too. I like my job that I get to talk to parents and coo over babies. Good stuff.


  1. Sounds like an excellent job you have there hun!

    I went through stages of being terrified of this life growing inside me and giving birth and everything surrounding it. Its normal and I guarentee we all go through it :) x


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