hi! so not much else has happened since the scan.

I am certainly feeling movements more frequently, little bubbles. When I felt it this evening I put my hands on my stomach and I'm not sure whether I could feel it moving. Probably not though, I'm most likely just tricking myself.


Today when I was at work a few women asked me when my due date was and things like that, so I'm obviously looking a bit more pregnant now, instead of just fat, which is good! But still about every week I have a day where I feel and think I look just horribly fat, and get annoyed with all of my clothes.


So this week has been lovely, because Rob came to stay. I got really used to having him around, and this evening when it felt strange that he was not there. I feel much better when he is here. It sounds silly but I often feel that when I am out by myself, or just with my mum, I feel people are looking at me and probably thinking that I am a young single mum-to-be. Not that there is anything wrong with being a single mum, but I just feel that perhaps people may judge my situation. But when Rob is there I feel better because then at least people can see we are a couple. God I don't know why I worry so much about these sorts of things, they really don't matter!

Yesterday I had a mad hour in the morning and Rob and I had a big play fight, which resulted in a lot of laughing. It makes me very happy to be childish and to be able to play like that with someone else. With everything else that is going on that is serious, it's nice to just be silly and be me.

In the afternoon we went with mum and Andy to Gibraltar point, on the coast. We walked around on the beach and poked dead jelly fish. It was very nice. Then on the way home we managed to persuade mother to let us go for a play in Skegness. She even let us go off by ourselves, which is potentially a deadly mistake, as we went wild. Well not that wild, but we bought donuts, and went to the arcades. I let Rob play on a flight fighting game, which made him very happy indeed. Then we hit the 2p machines. These were pretty good 2p machines, because they had a dial that if you put the 2p in at the right time you would win prize tokens. So we won quite a few, and then went to collect our winnings. We managed to get:

a bouncy ball
a lolly
and 2 glider airplanes (the ones made out of foam, I can't remember the proper name)

Then we came back to the car and I was very excited indeed.


So I have been doing a bit of research about this brain cyst thing. They are called 'choroid plexus cyst's' and are quite common. It says that the cysts themselves cause no damage, and it's just something that happens with growth and should go away in the next 4 weeks. And because of my age there is such a small percentage of it indicating anything else, such a chromosome diseases, so that shouldn't be anything to worry about. Hurrah for having a baby young! It's obvs better for your body.

And this means that hopefully I will be able to have more scans, which means I get to see our baby more, and potentially find out the sex? If it bloody cooperates this time! naughty bebe.


Next week is a busy week, I'm having my hair cut, then I have a job interview, then its graduation and then I have an exhibition opening. So I may not have time to update that much, but I will try my hardest. I really don't want to get slack with posting, because as I said before, I enjoy it quite a lot.


Oh yeh, last night I had a dream that I fell into a river and was sinking really fast and it was really deep. I gave a shout in my dream and woke Rob up, who then asked me if I was ok, I turned to look at him, jumped, then went back to sleep. Weird. It was horrible.


Right time for some photos I guess!

So that's it. I thought I would do a little 180-ish view of my stomach. It certainly feels as though its getting a lot bigger, as in it gets achey.

Car boot sale tomorrow!



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