Breast stroke


So the last couple of days have been very swimming orientated. Yesterday morning I went to my first ever aqua-natal class at the swimming pool. There were about 8 other preggos there, all a bit older than me. I didn't really speak to anyone because we started as soon as I got there, and I had to leave straight away to get to work. It was good though! At first I was a little embarrassed because of some of the exercises we had to do, like arm pumping and swimming with those long tube floats, but actually it was really good. It was 45 minutes long and felt like a good workout. I also found out that I can go swimming for free when I'm pregnant, which is awesome, so I'm going to try and go more than once a week, hopefully every 2 days. I went again today. It was the first time I've ever been in the slow lane. Every other time I've been I've always gone in the medium lane, but today it was really busy, and I wasn't sure whether I would be going fast enough, so I stuck to the slow lane and took it easy.

I really do enjoy swimming, even before I was pregs. I hope to go after the baby is born, with the baby. One thing I do need to get is a better swimming costume or bikini, because my boobs are too big for my bikini. whooooops.


Other than that there is not really much else to talk about. I had a day off today which was nice, and went for a little walk along Gloucester Road. It's very nice being in a city with lots of things going on and feeling like you are part of it. I've only ever lived in Cardiff before, and I did enjoy that, but I like Bristol a lot.

Work is still going well. It's nice to have new people to get to know, and I think I get on well with most of the people I work with. Mainly we just talk about baby stuff with me, it's all I ever seem to talk about with people now a days, I think that's all I am, just pregnant, and I can't remember what I talked about before. Perhaps I was just really boring, or maybe I'm just really boring now...


Living here at Rob's with his parents has been going alright. The other night I wanted to have a bath, and felt a bit weird about it, as they don't really have baths in this house. Sometimes I feel like I have to walk around on tip-toes a bit, and that I have to do everything a certain way, as not to upset the way things are done here. This scares me as I worry that it will be this way all the time, and that I will never feel comfortable and be able to treat it like my home. But I do get on quite well with his parents, and now that Rob's brother has gone back to uni, we might be able to get a bit more sorted and have a bit more space. At the moment it's been strange getting used to mine and Rob's routines, we are working pretty different hours. But in the evening I still don't really have much to do, and I'm finding it a little bit difficult in realising this is my home and that I can just relax and do my own thing, as Rob wants to do his. Also adjusting from just visiting each other to living together is going to take some time, because obviously we are both going to need time alone, and when we were just visiting each other we didn't need this as much as it was only for a short time. Also living in one room is ok for now, but I think we will definitely need some extra room soon!

So all in all things are going ok, and we'll just have to see how things progress..

I will do a photo update tommorow ok? And now Rob can take pictures on his nice digital, so they won't be shitty photobooth ones!



  1. You promised us pictures and an update yesterday!

  2. bloody hell! you two need to calm down! i'm not a machine, i have been working and doing other things you know!

    sometimes it's hard to find things to write about, but i have the day off today so i will write a detailed post, and post some pictures...gawwwwwd bumhole.

  3. well bloody get on with it! chop chop blogging machine! Skype?


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