Oh yeh I forgot to mention this, but when we got the bear suit for the baby I always think of the baby as a bear, and when he is born I can imagine calling him his name and bear. For example, Arthur-bear. Same if it was a girl I was going to call it the name, then peach, for example, Orla-Peach.

But last night I was looking at baby names again, and looked up the meaning of Arthur, and it means in either Welsh or Gaelic 'Stone' and 'bear'! So in choosing the name Arthur, it already means bear! And I'm happy that the most famous Arthur would be King Arthur, because he is possibly the best legendary character, who was heroic, loyal, brave, clever, kind and just a god damn good king. haha.

Perhaps that is way more exciting for me than it is for anyone else.


  1. That is so sweet! I like that name a lot. It's funny as I know someone else who calls their little boy 'bear' and I dream that I will have a girl so I can call her Theodora (Ted or Teddy for short. Or maybe Theodorable haha) X


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