The Sprout and the Bean

So hi, I feel bad, I've been away for so long.

There has just been a lot of things going on, you know!


So firstly Greenman I suppose?

It was amazing! Once again! It was very very nice indeed to be with all of my lovely friends again, as it is only a very rare occasion that we are all in the same place for a few days together. I arrived with Jonny, Owen and Tilly, and we set up the beast of the tent, me and Tilly made an excellent boudoir, then we went into town to get supplies. After this it started raining, and didn't really stop that much all evening. Later Robyn, Lucy and Steve arrived, and we all sat in this big tent called Chai Wallahs talking and drinking tea (me) oh and Anna was there too!
I went ot bed quite early that night, and left everyone else to it to have fun dancing and what not...

On Friday we went to set up camp in the Far Out tent, which is the second main stage. Here we just lay in the dry listening to the first bands on. The rest of the day followed like this, the bands we saw were:
matthew & the atlas
fionn regan

I was terribly excited about seeing beirut again, as I've not seen them since Roskilde, about 3 years ago. I haven't really listened to them that much either, and wowed and wooed by them all over again.

I went to bed pretty early again, whilst everyone stayed up dancing and drinking, again.

On Saturday Tilly and I got up and went with Robyn for a cooked breakfast. Me and Tilly then went to the cinema tent to meet Anna and to watch Ponyo, the latest Sutdio Ghibli film, which as soon as we started watching it, I realised that I've seen it before, but not all of it, but I really can't remember where and when I saw it? Anyone else know?

I can't really remember what else we did, I imagine we walked around quite a bit, in Einsteins garden, where they have lots of Eco projects and products and all that stuff, oh and hula hoops, not the crisps. I think it rained a bit on Saturday too.

The bands I saw were:

Johnny Flynn
First Aid Kit
The Unthanks
The Flaming Lips

Johnny Flynn and First Aid Kit were amazing, especially the latter, as I don't know them very well, but they were perfect to see live. The Flaming lips were entertaining, as they put on a massive show with lots of confetti and lasers and such, but in the end they just really pissed me off, because their music is rubbish, and I feel a band shouldn't need all those distractions and showy waste of money gimics, if their music was actually good. Boring!

I'm sure I must have seen more music than that, but I was probably busy eating. This is pretty much all I did at Greenman, was eat, talk about eating and thinking about eating. I ate:

A pieminister pie
A burritto
cooked breakfast
moroccan bureka filled with falafel
tartifelette with a sausage
a sausage in a bun
veg noodles
lot of hula hoops (this time the crisps)
baby bels
and probably more that I can't remember

Anyways, on Sunday it was actually sunny, so I imagine we just walked around quite a bit. I then treated myself to a massage, a special pregnancy massage, where she massaged my belly too. I love massages, and massages at festivals always feel like an even bigger treat! And treated I was!

We also played scrabble, because it was scrabble sunday (obvs) and these lovely people were letting people borrow scrabble boards to play for free. It was a very enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning.

I saw:

Laura Marling
The Tallest Man on Earth
Joanna Newsom

All of whom were so so so good, Laura Marling was lovely, The tallest man on earth blew me away, again. And Joanna, oh Joanna. I loved it, even though it was raining, I didnt have my waterproof, and had terribly body ache. But hopefully I will go see her in Bristol on the 16th. Anyone want to come with me? If not it's just me and the Peach. Sitting in the dry, dieing over Joanna. (Not really dieing, durrrs)

I'm really sure I saw much more music than this? I did, but perhaps it wasn't fully concentrated on. Oh other than half of Efterklang, who I wish wish wish were not on at the same time as Joanna, because they are horribly good live. GOD DAMN. (and they were playing inside)


Anyway all in all I had a lovely time. It was so nice to be around friends again, old friends, not so old friends, and festival big happy family once again! hah!

Talking of families, there were so many babies and families at the festivals. It made me very excited! Perhaps I could even go next year with le peach and see if it likes it! (I'm excited for next week to know the sex so I don't have to call it, 'it' anymore) I got extremely broody.

Also there were preggers women, more preggers than me. But at least I'm showing a little bit now. And had many a belly rub from friends, and one not so welcomed rub from someone I didn't know, but knew people I used to know. Long story, can't be bovved to go into it now.

ALSO, also I think I felt the peach moving around. I mainly felt it to the right of my stomach, and when I was watching The tallest man on earth and Beirut, I felt it. At least the baby has good taste in music! I was thinking whilst I was watching amazing people that my baby was very privileged, as I have had to wait until now to see these people live, and the baby got to hear them before it was even born. It's going to have a pretty good gig list when it comes out...oh dear, I sound like a weirdo. I think that made more sense in my head...


Anyways, I'm going to leave it there for now. There is so much more to report, but I don't think anyone wants to read that much in one go. Also I can't really be bothered to write any more.

But stay tuned for:

flat hunting in bristol
money worries
job hunting
grumblings about things
and pictures of my stomach
and most importantly pictures of the most amazing purchase ever!

p.s I was 19 weeks yesterday. One week til the next scan, one week til we know what it is and one week until I see our baby swimming around again, and will be hopefully reassured that it has everything in the right place, and it all fine. Fingers Crossed.

Oh what's that, my bath is nearly ready? Of course, isn't it always?


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