My restless legs


Sorry I haven't been writing very much, I've been ever so busy..

So today is Wednesday, and tomorrow I'm going to Greenman! How very exciting!


On Monday I visited Lincoln with mum and Andy. I had to go to the dentist (which I had not been to for about 4 or 5 years..) I usually really like hte dentist, but this time I didn't, mainly because they cleaned my teeth, and the dentist was this really stern German or Russian lady, who I couldn't understand...

Before I went to the dentist we went for lunch at the Cheese restaurant. It was amazing, I had a home-made beef burger, and amazing skinny fries...mmm, but it was a bit of a torture because of all the amazing sounding dishes with cheese I can't eat.

After this we went into an independent baby shop, where they had lots of lovely clothes and expensive accessories. They also had maternity bras which me and my mum were just browsing over, but the sales lady was very helpful, and I ended up trying on lots of bras. The only thing was, it that I am aware that my boobs have got larger, but didn't realise that they had got THAT large. I used to be fairly small, a b-c but she had me trying on dd-e cup bras, I mean MASSIVE bazooka sized boobies! woowwwzaaas...But she persuaded us to buy two, which we did, so I now own two maternity bras, which will also be nursing bras...

After this we then went on a bit of a baby shop mum leading the way. First we went to boots where we tried out pushchairs, and then got lured over to the sale baby clothes. We again bought some more, and accidentally bought more, yes more in blue, I don't know what it's going to be like if its a girl. My mum was getting quite excited by it all...then we visited mothercare, and finally Mama's and Papas, where I realised I will never be able to afford anything from, ever. But all the stuff was lovely..I have my eye on this very sweet bear suit, for the winter..


On Tuesday I drove to Cardiff, and it was actually very nice to be in Wales again. I had to race against the clock, because as I'm a complete ditz at the moment I had to go bac kto my mums after I'd alreadly left, as I forgot on of my frames for the exhibition. I'm getting quite sick of my brain not working properly. It feels as though I've got hangover brain, and I've had it for about 4 months..not good.

the reason I was trying to get there was because Rob and I were going to look at houses. The first 3 we saw were not very nice, just the typical shit house that they pass for liveable in Cardiff. The fourth one we went to see was in a nicer location, right by the park, and the houses are old and amazing. But literally just as we were about to go and see it, after we had waiting in the park for about half an hour, they called and said that someone had just taken bloody hoo, I was mostly annoyed because I really wanted to see what the house looked like inside, out of curiosity. Bugs.

The last house we went to see is in a area that I don't know so well, but the flat was quite nice, not amazing, but the location was really nice, on a lovely street with lots of trees and a big park right at the end of the road. So we shall see. We just went to look at a few, just to see what was out there really.

The main reason to go to Cardiff was to meet Rob after his interview at the hospital. He thinks that it went ok, and should hear in the next couple of days, so fingers crossed!


Today we went to John Lewis and played with pushchairs. It was fun.

And this evening we went to a pub quiz. It was also fun.

We also ate pizza, I had halloumi and artichoke and pepper pizza. It was nice.


So tomorrow is Greenman, I won't be back until Monday, so this rubbish post will have to be all there is.

There is no other news other than my boobies getting bigger, and my stomach getting bigger.

Oh I also get really annoying restless leg muscles, that make it really difficult to lie down and relax. Not so good.



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