Why hello there! I do so sincerely apologize for my absence a la posting, but I have been enjoying myself with my dear boyfriend Robert.

So lets see, where were we....Sunday! yes!

So on Sunday, Mother woke me early as we were going to go to the car boot sales. The first one we went to wasn't so great, not many stalls at all, about 10? But I managed to pick up Scatagories, woohoo! Then I treated Mum and Andy to a Wetherspoons breakfast (generous, I know).

After that we went to another car boot sale, and this one was much better, lots and lots of stalls, and right at the end, so we could score some good bargains! We bought:

baby bath
a few more baby grows
10,000 pairs of tiny little baby socks
and a shirt for Rob

There were prams and moses baskets, but all not the best condition, and it's too early really to be buying stuff like that.

But it was fun, I get very excited about car boot sales!

Then I drove down to Bristol to meet Rob after work. I'm getting horribly ditzy of late, and got completly lost in Bristol looking for a carpark, and went round in circles, but eventually found one!

Then we met, and had a lovely long hug, and Rob was suprised about how much I had grown! It was very nice to see him after two weeks!
He then treated me to dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which was very nice, and then we went to see Inception. It was amazing, one of the best films I have seen in a long long long while, and just confirmed to me that Leonardo DiCaprio is pretty much my favourite actor. Me and Rob were both sitting on the edges of our seats for the about the last 45 mins of it!

I love going to the cinema, especially when you see amazing films. Rob kept on absent mindedly rubbing my belly, which is very nice indeed.


On Monday we went to Bath, with Rob's mum for a little day out. I have never been to Bath, so I suggested to Rob that we went, and he invited his mum along, which was scary, but really nice in the end! We just walked around the centre, looked in some shops, then went for a picnic in Victoria park, and walked past all the amazing Georgian town houses, that are huge and beautiful. I bought some maternity clothes in Gap in the sale, and even though they are a bit big for me (room to grow don't you know) I am now the proud owner of some maternity jeans, with elastic waistband and all.

When we were in Gap I went to try on some clothes, and when I came out Rob and his mum were looking at baby clothes together. It was very sweet to see.

In the evening I went to meet some of Rob's friends from school. I was pretty daunted at first, but it was fine, no better than fine, I had a very enjoyable evening indeed. His friends were funny and nice, and very boyish.

When we got back I was horribly tired, and promptly fell asleep, I only woke slightly when Rob got into bed, kissed me on the head and thanked me for the evening.


On Tuesday we went charity shop shopping, and Rob, without my encouragment, bought his first baby grow. We also went into a proper baby shop, with amazingly sweet clothes, mostly organic and all lovely stuff like that, most of which was horribly expensive, but it's nice to look no?

Then we ate at my favourite place, Pie Minister, where I had to be forced out of my comfort zone, of always having my favourite, the Heidi Pie (goats cheese and sweet potato) because I can't eat goats cheese anymore, but it's good to change. I had a chilli bean and butternut squash one in the end, which was amazing! These really are the best pies in the world.

Here are some bad quality photos for you to feast your eyes on:

Let me also take this opportunity to introduce the father to be himself, looking rather happy about consuming his pie:

So what else happened? This is hard stuff relaying all these events.

Well, yes, after this we walked into the centre, oh yeh, we stopped at another charity shop, where I was trying stuff on, and Rob bumped into a mother of a friend he used to go to school with. She was very nice, and Rob told her about us and the baby to be, and she was very good about it, and excited, and supportive and funny!

Then I met with my friend Llio, for a little bit more shopping, and I made my first ever Urban Outfitters purchase! How exciting! (I will perhaps do a post tomorrow about the new clothes I bought, as I guess they are somewhat baby related?)
It was lovely seeing my dear Llio, as I have not seen her much, since we used to live together. She said she is an avid reader of my blog so Hello Llio!

After shopping we went to our friend Kyles flat (hi kyle) and met up with other old uni friends, of whom Rob used to live with. Then we all went to Wetherspoons for Steak night, and I ate my first steak in a long long while, and well, quite enjoyed it. It was really nice catching up with everyone, and being around friends again, it's been a while!

Everyone talked quite a bit about baby stuff, it's nice to have everything out in the open now, and not make up silly excuses about not drinking and things like that! I get the feeling that most of Rob's boy friends want the baby to be a boy..


This is a very long post, but we are nearly there.

So today, today I drove back from Bristol, to attend my 16 week check up with the midwife. All is well and my blood pressure is normal. I also go a chance to listen to the baby's heart beat! I didn't even know that this was possible, so it was a lovely surprise! The midwife told me that if we didn't hear anything, not to worry, because it may just be in the wrong position. But as soon as she put the soundy thing on my belly you could hear it straight away, beating very fast (babies heart beats are much fast than our own, over 100 bmp)

It was lovely, as I have started to get a little worried that it is still there, and the next scan is a month away. But this reassured me for a while.

I have yet to feel it move properly, but as we write this, I'm playing it music through headphones on my stomach, Laura Marling to be precise, I thought she was a good introduction to the musical world. I hope the peach can hear it, and I do so hope it likes it. (Apparently music stimulates the baby, in case you were wondering why I was doing this, and if I had gone mad)


So that's about it really. Other that when I got home my mum had made AMAZING chocolate brownies.

I'm going to have a bath.

Good night!

(p.s I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who does read my weird ramblings, its very nice to hear that people are actually interested!)


  1. Hello there Abbi,
    I'm Jits, Sarah's collegue at work. And I just wanted to tell you that I'm looking forward to read your blog every day. It makes me feel relaxed and I feel this happy things inside me when I read it. I think you're an amazing writer and person. Please, keep up the good work and enjoy this time... Jits*

  2. I discovered your blog through instagram and have been having a little read over the past few days. I'm hoping to some day soon start a family with my husband so its really nice to read about your experiences as we are a similar age. I have to agree with you, the Heidi Pie from Pieminister is the best, you must be happy that you can eat it again!


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