Today I have not much to report. I feel a little unsure of what to write, nothing much is going on really, I'm just working, and not working. I don't do much in the evenings because I'm generally quite tired, so I usually eat dinner, watch tv, have a bath, speak to Rob on skype, then go to sleep. Envious lifestyle I know. I feel that I'm at a particularly boring part of pregnancy, with not many changes either. I'll just have to be patient, as will you, my dear readers.

I even had to make a list of potential things to talk about, like cue cards or something!


This weekend, well Friday and Saturday I went to Saffron Walden. I drove there on Friday the 13th, and I do not think I will ever attempt to travel on this day again. It took so long because of roadworks and queues. It was also raining the whole way down. I don't mind driving in the rain, in fact I quite like it, you can drive slower. Also it reminds me of being a child, and I always feel really cosy and comfortable travelling in a car when its raining. It's one of my favourite things about driving, another is driving at night on non main roads, and being able to use my full beams. I really like it, but get annoyed if I catch up with someone in front, then it's their turn to use them.

Anyways, Jonny is back living in Saffron Walden, so I went to see him. I wish I could be with him in Saffron Walden, like the good old days when we were both unemployed, and watched John Hughes movies, nighty night, the mighty boosh, the smoking room (oh bbc3 how good you used to be!) and other 80's movies in my basement. We went to some charity shops, and then to the Mocha for milkshakes.

The reason for going to Saffron Walden was to get the tent I'm borrowing from my dad for Greenman next week. The tent is a beast. An 8 man tent, with a big middle bit which you can stand up in. My dad showed us how to put it up, and to do this we had to go round his friends house with a big enough garden! We went to Grahams house, which my friend Kate who I have known since infant school lives, and before that it was my friend Catherine's house, who was my best friend from as long as I can remember. Anyway it was really weird going back to the garden, because that's where I spent lots of my childhood. We used to dig up worms in the mud, and make dens in the middle of this tree and bushes. The garden was a lot smaller than I remembered, but I guess it seemed bigger when I was little...

...From previous festivals I have always admired big tents that other people had, and this time the privilege shall be ours. How exciting! I am very excited for Greenman. I feel I need a break in my routine that I have here, and have a bit of fun before everything gets a bit more serious. This will be my last festival as a single person, with no little brat to think of. (hah!) I think I have done quite well though, considering I went to my first festival at about age 14, wowee that's nearly 10 years ago! (It was Reading by the way) And this is the first time most of us will have been at a festival together since glorious Glade, Oh I'm so very very VERY excited!!

On Saturday me and Jonny went to Cambridge for something to do. We treated ourselves and ate at Wagamama. I have been craving good noodle soup for ages, and had Raman noodles in a vegetable broth with chicken breast. It was exactly what I had been craving. Whilst eating me and Jonny reminisced about food we ate in Nepal and India, and all the good places we went and what we saw together. I love thinking about when I was away, and it's very special to be able to have shared that with a good friend like Jonny. Because I know that he holds the same memories as me, and they are good memories, and once in a lifetime experiences. And certainly some that I won't be able to repeat in the same way, what with this new addition to my life coming quite soon.

But we did talk about future travelling, and even though I probably wouldn't be able to do some of the things I would be able to do if I didn't have a child, like go away for 6 months again..It doesn't mean that I won't be able to do any travelling of any kind. It will just be a different kind of travelling, but no less rewarding and exciting I imagine. I still really want to go to Iceland, and also really really want to go to Boston and New York, preferably in the autumn. Also I would love to drive around New Zealand. I think all of these things I could do with a small child, and would be an amazing experience. Also when the child is older there is no reason why we couldn't do some more travelling.


So this post has turned out to be quite long, as they always do because I just keep going on and on.

Rob's interview is on Tuesday, so everyone wish that he does well, as I think it's an amazing oppourtunity for him, and he will do really well, and it will be good for him.

Then hopefully we can start to plan what is going to happen. I'm really bloody sick of not knowing, or having to answer the same questions over and over again of where I'm going to be, and what we're going to be doing, because until we know the outcome of the interview then I don't have a clue! And it's driving me crazy! But it was nice to come back to my Mums last night, I missed it a bit! Also I got a bit sad about when me and Rob finally do move somewhere I won't be living with my mum or near her, because I have quite enjoyed staying with her. Oh she has made a cot quilt for the bebe, and is on her second one now, I shall take some photos when I have some time..


Anyway I think I shall leave it there as I don't have much to say ( I managed to stretch out the little I did have to say into quite a lot)

I'll leave you to look at my stomach (you lucky things)

17.3 weeks

Tomorrow I got to the dentist (woohoo) I love going to the dentist, and its been about 4 years...whoooooops!



p.s Playing Mumford and Sons to the peach, who will be able to hear them live next week!!


  1. Oh my g! The Bel's getting wonderfully rounded isn't it. Btw just had a weird dream about swans, will write a dear sister post xxxx


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