Sick as a dog

So, I haven't posted in the last few days because I have been feeling tres terrible!
Since tuesday I've had all day long headaches, and last night they reached their beastly pinnacle, where I woke up at 3 in the morning with the worst headache ever, it felt like my brain was too big for my skull...then after getting a damp flannel for my forehead, I was sick. Just bile and horridness, and a little tiny bit of blood, eek.

I had to go to work in the morning, and was umming and arring about calling in sick, but I didn't want to let them down, as I've only been working there for a few weeks, also I didn't want them to think that I would be always doing this from now on, and being unreliable. But I decided to go in, after taking paracetamol (I even took 2!) and actually felt alright, perhaps keeping myself busy is a good option?

They were really nice about it, as I told them I wasn't 100%, and I got to go home early. I feel really lucky to have this job as it is perfect! Everyone is really lovely, the work is something I've done before, and enjoy, and it's not too much hard work. I like being able to work in the shop and deli part, but also swap and work in the restaurant, especially like today, when it wasn't ridiculously busy. I had more chats with the chefs, who has a year and a half year old boy called Oliver, we were talking about her labour and all things preggo related, it's nice to have someone at work who I can talk to about it all!


Speaking of talking about pregnancy, yesterday we got a package for the next door neighbours, and when my mum when to drop it round she discovered that the girl next door is pregnant! She is about 6 weeks away from giving birth! So my mum told me and I went round to have a chat. She was really nice, younger than me, only have just finished her A-levels, and had just taken maternity leave from Mcdonalds. This sort of in a way made me feel better about my situation, not that mine is better, but just that I'm glad I'm not that young, and have at least finished my degree, and have had time to travel and do other things like that. But she was really happy and excited, and said that she wouldn't want it any other way. Which is good.

She lent me some pregnancy books, and took me to her room to get them, where she has a little moses basket crib, which was very sweet! She also let me feel her belly, which felt amazing!

Yesterday my mother and I went to Sleaford, the nearest small town to go swimming, but went to the charity shops first. I was just looking for stuff for myself, but somehow, I don't know how, I got pulled in by the force of baby clothes. They were so so sweet, and when I saw the first baby grow for 80p, I couldn't resist!

Then in the next one, my mum disappeared and when I found her she was holding a collection of more very sweet clothes, and so we bought those as well! I know it's quite early, but they were too sweet to not get, and bloody cheap too!

Even though there may be a dominance of blue, this is no way it hinting towards the fact that it's going to be a boy. Blue is my favourite colour, and blue and white stripes are amazing! Plus I don't really want to go in for that whole gender colour thing. Also I want to make people feel awkward in the future by dressing the baby in the opposite colour and hope that people comment saying the wrong gender! hah!

When I got home I lay them on the bed, and it was strange because I could really imagine a baby sized thing wriggling around in them, with little chubby legs and arms, and tiny little hands poking out of them! This sounds a little strange, but it made me really really broody. Like I really wanted a baby, and I wanted it now. Which as Rob said, is pretty good that I've already got one in the oven then.


This morning, when I was lying in bed, I think I felt something in my stomach, sort of like a little bubble, and then I felt a few more. I wonder if this was le peach squirming about? Exciting anyway!


Also today I noticed strange goings on with my belly-button, it seems to be changing, and perhaps starting to begin to stick out? Weird!


Anyway, I'm hoping that these headaches really do go away soon, as the last couple of days have been unbearable!

Oh and p.s I'm 15 weeks today !


  1. Pale blue used to be the traditional colour for girls

  2. Look at this funny little thing:

  3. My friend was talking about this blog on fb too...its very very cute and imaginative.


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