September, September

I feel tired, oh so very tired.

I wish that Rob was here in this big lonely house. So that I can drive to the shop in my pyjamas with messy hair, and he can go and get the shopping, including fox's crunch cream biscuits, whilst I stay put.

I wish that he would make us dinner, and then I would do the washing up.

I wish that I could have eaten ravioli on toast for dinner, but I had to settle with half a can of beans instead.

But most of all I wish that we could watch the baby swim around again, and Rob could hold my hand and be smiling. But we have to wait until September.


My mother returns back from holiday on Saturday, so I will have some company.
I really hate going to sleep by myself here.


My old friend evening tension headaches and mini migraines seems to have gone away for a while, I'm just waiting for the all consuming tiredness to stop.


Oh, and I'm 14 weeks today!


My bath awaits me, and I do not want to keep it waiting..

Good Night!


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