Holidaying with nostalgia

hello, I imagine it's about time for some sort of update, as I know you have all been sitting on the edges of your seats for 2 whole days!

I've just got back from work and resting my aching feet! But today I realised that working in the deli part of the shop, where I cut cheese, and serve sausages, and weigh vegetables and fruit (like a real greengrocer) is actually my dream job.

When I was little I used to play shop ALL the time, it was my fave. I used to like collecting objects from various rooms, then pretend to either be the customer, or the shop owner (usually taking it in turns with whoever I was playing with). I have always been obsessed with tills, and I remember this old till we used to have at my aunts big old house, that my grand-dad built, in this amazing play shop in the cellar. Also I remember when my friend Catherine got a calculator which could produce receipts, there was no stopping us after that.

So basically working in the deli is like playing shop for 8 hours, except I get paid, which is awesome. I wish I could work there all the time. Oh plus I get to eat amazing food, like today I had fennel and red pepper soup...mmmmm


Tomorrow I plan to go to carboot sales around where my mum lives, I have yet to go to one this summer, and as it is August tomorrow, that is fairly bad going! But I'm pretty excited!
Then in the afternoon I'm going to drive to Bristol, to see my loved one (hah) and we are going to go on a date, which I'm also very excited about. We are going to eat some food, then going to go see Inception at the cinema. I will be in Bristol for a few days, then back here for my 16 week checkup with the midwife! (time is moving fast!)


Today I read an article about camping and it made me think of when I was little and when we used to go on holiday to France every year, and go camping. I loved these holidays. Also I liked it when we used to go in England. I remember one year, me and Sarah got in trouble at a campsite, and we were banned from the games room, because these older children that we were hanging out with, set off the fire extinguisher. They thought it was a foam one and said 'Let's have a foam party', but it was a water one...whoops. (This is a very childhood nostalgia related post)

But for the first time I got excited about going on my own family holidays in the future, and was thinking about the baby not just as a baby for once, but as an actual child. That sounds weird, but because at the moment I only think of it being a baby, and don't imagine it being older really. But when I was thinking about it today, it made me really happy to imagine me with the child. All of this makes me really happy, and I'm so excited for the future and about having a child.


I guess it's time for some sort of belly size update? I'll also show you my weird belly button?

Stomach pulled in

Stomach relaxed

Stomach pushed out


So other than this, there is no real news. I'm going to ask the midwife about my headahces on Wednesday, but I did read in one of the books the girl gave about migranes and headaches, and it said, as I expected that its just a side effect of hormones, and should hopefully go away. I haven't had a headache since I was sick, which is good. I'm starting to think the more active I am, the less headaches I get!

au revoir for now!


  1. Hi Abi
    I'm 6 months pregnant and can't imagine a real baby let alone a more grown-up child, so you're way ahead of me in planning your future holidays. We keep talking about "the baby", but having a real-life son or daughter still feels totally alien - albeit hugely exciting - to me. I do have moments when I picture me baking / drawing / riding bikes with a child, but the child never has a face and never quite belongs to me. I'm guessing this will all change when I can actually hold him or her. For the moment though, feeling the wriggles in my belly is lovely and a sure sign that a real-life baby is on the way. Congrats on your pregnancy. I hope you have lots of fun-filled camping trips in the future. :-)

  2. Bloody hell! Wheres the update????


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