I thought I would do something semi-constructive today and at least write a blog post. Not that it's going to be in any way interesting.

I've had a horrid headache all day (again, again) and so have been in bed doing not much at all. I have this horrible thing that because there is tv around, I watch it, and have even, I don't know if I can say this, been watching Big Brother a little bit...shameful I know. But remember the days when watching it wasn't shameful? Like series one and three?


Anyway, I've been having this strange thought recently that I find it fascinating that at this present time there are two heart beats happening in my body at once. And two brains, and two sets of lungs, etc. It's such a weird thought (perhaps only to myself) that there is something that is completely different and separate from me, that is working all by itself, living and growing inside of me. Not exactly the most ground-breaking revelation, but I find it quite amazing!


Me and my mum were in Sainsburys yesterday and we accidentally walked down the baby clothes aisle, then we got distracted by the very very sweet baby clothes, oh dear.

She says that she would like it if it was a boy, for something different, I guess because she only had girls. But I just don't know, I never think of 'it' as a boy, but we shall see! (That also doesn't mean to say that my mum would be disappointed if it was a girl!)


Anyway not much else to say really. Just that perhaps it's sort of hitting home a little bit more than it was before, and that this is really happening...



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  2. I think it's really fascinating! What did you think of pregnancy etc before you got up the duff? Have you found you think any differently about it at all? Like I said before I find it all really fascinating but scary too - but in a good way. It's like I'd be terrified of giving birth and find it a weird thought having 'something' growing inside me, but it's something that I want to experience one day for sure. And on the subject of growing bits inside you, if it's a boy you'll have a little willy in there!

    [Sorry, had to delete the first attempt at this comment as I'd accidentally spelt 'fascinating' really wrong)

  3. hi!

    well before i got knocked up i was always interested in having a baba, as i'm sure most women are, but was never particularly broody or anything, i never wanted it to happen really badly.

    before i always thought when you actually had a baby and you felt that love for that thing that you made and came out of you, that it would be an amazing feeling, one that you couldnt really get from anything else.

    i keep on going through these weird stages where one minute i really want the pregnancy over so i can just meet my baby already, and the next minute i want it to stay inside, so i can just carry it around and hang out with it and have it all to myself...hah that sounds really weird!

    im not really sure what i feel differently about pregnancy from before, because i dont think i ever really thought about it loads. and to be perfectly honest im not children's biggest fan, some are amazing, but others are just damn right annoying, especially when they sing (basically the little girl from hook) that sounds weird considering im going to have a child, but im sure it will be different when its your own..

    oh look at me blab on..

    and by the way, the thought of a willy growing inside me freaks me out (that sentence sounds wrong)

  4. sally showed me this...
    you should follow it x


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