Bedtime Stories

Oh no, my headaches are back. Back with spite, like they are trying to make me pay for the few days I had off. The bastards.


My mother returned this evening, with arms loaded with shopping bags full of food, and some clothes for me from Maderia (where she has been residing for the last month) She couldn't get over the size of my stomach, and was poking it, I guess I must have grown quite a bit in a month.


I had my usual evening bath, and continued reading the Time Travellers Wife, because this is the second time around, I know what's going to happen, which means the tears come earlier. I feel a little weird sitting in the bath, with tears running down my face, which occasionally make me sob, but it's ok, at least there are other people in the house now.


But it made me miss Rob, and I'm writing this for him. Because apparently he likes reading it.

All I ask in return is a bedtime skype story, to send me off to sleep. This is a little thing that we have set up. I ask Rob to read my a story, he asks what type, I always answer, "A nice one"

So he finds one on the internet, I get myself in a comfortable position, and he starts to read. I usually fall asleep within about 2 minutes, and don't remember any of the story. I then wake up and find my computer still on, after Rob has noticed I'm asleep and says goodnight and hangs up.

The next time we talk I try and remember the story, parts of which get tangled up in my dreams, and are usually nowhere near what the story is actually about.

One day I hope that I will be able to read, or listen to these stories fully. One day.

I could do with a story now. A nice one.


I'm going now, probably to sleep, where I'm going to enjoy these moments when I can still just about sleep on my front. I LOVE sleeping on my front, and infact can not sleep in any other position. So, when I eventually get too big for sleeping on my front, I am going to have to learn how to go to sleep again. Not something I am looking forward to, I might add.



  1. Hahaha! Mother dearest is such a freak! I can imagine her poking and prodding you...
    I want more news s'illy vous plate
    sarie xxx


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