So word is gradually spreading around, my aunty and uncle and cousins now know, as I told my grandma the other day, who was, much to my suprise, very ok with it all. She was very sweet and supportive about it, and we chatted about her pregnancies.


I also told the people at work today, which was a relief, because now I can take breaks, and eat food without them thinking I'm being lazy, and they will also understand why I keep on getting fatter! They were all very nice about it!
For lunch I had a prawn and avocado wrap...ummm...

This evening I felt less tired and inspired after my horrid dinner of beans and cheese on toast last night, that I made in my half asleep dreamwalk.

Tonight I made a grilled Halloumi quinoa salad, with potato wedges...yummers!

In other news, not that there is any, I got a letter from the hospital telling me my second, and potentially last (eep) scan will be on the 2nd of September, I also booked my next midwife appointment for a few weeks, when I will be 16 weeks, 4 months, 4 months out of 9..that's quite scary.


I thought I would share with you how I was looking a week later, and took photos of my post bath, evening bloated belly. It seems as the day goes on my stomach grows bigger, so I look bigger than I actually may be. I'm not sure whether I'm still bloated, but its solid stuff my stomach!

A new dress that I bought from H&M, it's all floaty and loose, and very comfy!

My post bath, pyjama-ed, bloated belly

Not so big, with my stomach pulled in

Whaling, letting it all hang out

It's back to the farm shop for me tomorrow morning, where I drool over lots of different types of Stilton, brie, goats cheese and other lovely cheese that I can't eat...god damn it.

So, I bid you good night!

p.s In other non-preggers news, I got a letter yesterday saying that this gallery/ arts centre wants me to exhibit my photographs of hands in their group exhibition in Wales, which is good!


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