An introduction, of sorts

Oh hello.

My name is Abigail, I am 23 years old, and I'm 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

The story is, is that me and my boyfriend, Rob, have been together for just over 3 months, which means, we have pretty much been pregnant the whole time we have been together.

Rob is 21, and we have both just finished University.

So ideally, probably not the best time or situation to decide to have a family together.

I think we have both gone mad, but I also know that deep down this feels like the right thing to do, and my heart has already grown with so much love for this little peach sized thing growing inside of me.


When we found out, we talked and talked about it, and each time this feeling of secretly knowing that we wanted to keep it, grew. Until finally we admitted it to ourselves, and each other, that actually even though timing is not great, financial situation is dire, and the fact that we have not been together very long, we both really want this. With the feeling of support from our families we discovered that actually it could all be ok.


It's been about 2 months since we found out, and since then we have been separated by the distance of our family homes, him in Bristol, me at my mothers in Lincolnshire.
Rob has visited a few times, both at my mums and my dads, and is slowly being introduced to my family and friends.

We hope that in September, Rob will have successfully got his place and job on the Clinical Photography course at Cardiff hospital, where we shall move and hopefully find a lovely flat together.


The first time I felt that this was actually happening, was when I went swimming by myself. But it did not feel as though I was by myself, and as I was slowly doing my lengths, I imagined the peach swimming around too.


Next week, on Tuesday, we have our very first scan. This is something that I have been waiting for, for a very long time. I need it to be confirmed, that this is all real, and that I'm not having strange mood swings, interesting dreams, extreme tiredness and ever growing boobies for nothing.

So stay tuned for hopefully a scan picture soon!

p.s here are some photos of my stomach, you know, to show progress and that..

one: stomach pulled in
two: stomach relaxing


  1. Hello! Firstly, hooray - congratulations! Secondly, I'm already in love with this blog. I find it quite bizarre actually as I too have been having some crazy dreams lately and keep obsessing over child birth (not preggers, maybe I'm just broody or something?) but I was thinking how if I was pregnant, I'd set up a blog to document it all...and here you are! What a coincidence! Good luck on your magical journey with the peach xxx

  2. thank you!

    I should have really started the blog a while ago, as there have been some interesting goings on for a while, but alas it is here now, and I shall not offend it by wishing it was something else!

    Thank you very much for liking it, I'm not really sure what it's about!

    I'm quite liking the dreams, the other day i had a dream that I had a sloth as a baby/pet that I carried around in my arms all the time, and it was very easy to look after, because it just slept all the time...wishful thinking?

    Well i hope that i keep you somewhat entertained, and i can hopefully say that as time goes on, it will get more exciting!


  3. Abbi, this is really lovely, I want to share it with every one, All my Love Dadxx

  4. Hi Abigail,

    I have secretly been reading your Dear Sister blog (loved it), and am even more thrilled that you have started your own blog.

    Congratulations on the baby making! Maybe I'll see you in September for graduation?


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